Path of Exile's Best Templar Build

Path of Exile's Best Templar Build

In Path of Exile, there are 7 character classes, each with 1 to 3 ancestry classes. Each allows the character class to gain different stats and abilities based on the player's chosen ancestry. If you have to choose Templar as the character class you want to play, you will have 3 options for ancestry classes. They are Inquisitor, Hierophant and Guardian. The Inquisitor is good at ignoring elemental resistances as well as dealing very powerful critical hits. The Hierophant is a great option if you want to use a spell-based totem build. The Guardian is more of a support class, as it uses defensive powers and provides energy shields to its allies. Each is a great option depending on how you want to play Templar, but which overall version is best?

Inquisitor Spark

Spark is one of the oldest skills in the game, used in various meta builds and causing destruction over the years. Spark allows the player to self-launch with a strong combination of damage, defense, and economy. Spark even has enough range to make it a good pick early on, as players can keep their distance and deal massive damage to enemies from afar. Combining with the cold damage of a Call of the Brotherhood two-stone ring, freezing enemies and destroying them from afar makes ranged attacks extremely effective and easy. The level 100 passive skill tree for this build shows how to optimize your Templar for league play.

This build tends to take up a lot of screen space as it takes out any enemies in sight quite quickly. Vaal Spark is the main skill that allows the player to use Spark as their main source of damage. The three main auras used for building are Fanaticism, Herald of Ice, and Herald of Thunder. It is also recommended to use a golem for improved damage and survivability purposes, with Summon Lightning Golem being the best option for offense and Summon Stone Golem being the best option for defense. When trying to increase the mobility of the build, Flame Dash can be used which also allows players to get the Arcane Surge support.

Then a few options for the extra Vaal skill that can be used are Vaal Righteous Fire and Vaal Haste. Fire is the best option if your main goal is to deal damage and defeat bosses, while haste is better for clearing areas as quickly as possible.

Vaal Spark 6 Link

You'll also need the proper gear for this Templar build, and these are some of the best options when working together to complete the Spark Inquisitor build.

  1. Vaal Spark
  2. Awakened spell echo support
  3. Awakened Controlled Destruction Assistance
  4. Energy Leech Support
  5. Extra Awakening Lightning Damage or Archmage Support
  6. Pierce Support

Will have 4 links

When discussing gear and endgame players, certain items and abilities do the same amount of damage or have the same effect once you hit that plateau. For example, in the following 4 links, Fanaticism can be replaced by Wrath for almost identical damage.

  1. Fanaticism
  2. thunder herald
  3. ice herald
  4. Enlighten Support

Golem 4 Links

  1. Cast when damage is taken
  2. Summon Lightning Golem
  3. Storm Shield
  4. black anger

Storm Orb 4 Links

  1. orb of storms
  2. Power load on critical media
  3. Support for the slaughter strike
  4. Assault Support

Mobility 3 connections

  1. flame shot
  2. Arcane Surge Support
  3. Favorite Vaal Skill

Casts when damage taken supports 3 links

  1. Throws when damage is sustained (level 10)
  2. Immortal call (level 12)
  3. Temporal chains (level 13)

Thanks to Vault of Exile user Furty for the excellent in-depth Templar build recommendation.

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