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Call of Duty has become one of the most famous video games of the moment, reaching historical records, such as the number of downloads in the first week, which exceeded 100,000 users. It's a game of the shooter genre in which you'll have to knock down your rivals before they do the same to you.

In order to defeat the other participants in the game, players use various strategies, such as being the fastest, having the best routes drawn on the battlefield or having the best equipment. Equipment in Call of Duty consists of having good high-tech weapons and good defense devices.

Weapons and defensive equipment can be purchased in the store in exchange for coins and money from the video game, but the truth is that it is not so easy to get this resource on your own. For this reason, many of the players who are in the first positions are because they have used free generators of coins and money.

Gamertricks, the free resource generator

A generator is a platform that allows you to get all the resources you need in the game, in one click. But sometimes it is not so easy to find a reliable generator, but some web pages that you can find on the internet are scams . The only thing they want is to make you jump from one advertising page to another, to get your personal data and use it to achieve their goals.

For this reason, Gamertricks has become one of the most used generators this season, due to its good reliability. It is one of the few generators with which you will not have to enter your personal data or register at any time. You will get the resources you need in Call of Duty easily, safely and quickly.

How to use Gamertricks step by step

Getting free coins and money through the Gamertricks generator won't take you too long, since you only have to follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the Gamertricks platform
  • Choose the game you want the resources from, in this case Call of Duty
  • Select the resource you need, be it coins or money
  • Indicate the amount of resources you want
  • Enter your ID number so that the system can send the resources to your player account
  • Select the device you are working from (Apple mobile, Android, tablet, PC, etc.)
  • Hit the start button.

In a few minutes you will see how the generator begins to create your resources and transfers them directly to your Call of Duty account. Now you just have to enjoy them.

Get unlimited coins and money with Gamertricks

Gamertricks is not only a useful generator for Call of Duty, but on the platform you can find most of the current video games . If you consider yourself a true gamer, we recommend that you take a look at all the possibilities that this generator offers you, to become invincible in each of your games.

Advantages of having the Gamertricks coin and money generator

The main advantage that this generator will give you is the ability to advance in the game much faster than you could on your own merits. Get good resources, although remember that the grace of Call of Duty is also to advance on your own and generate good game strategies.

Gamertricks is the generator with which you will get free coins and money, without having to register and enter your personal data. Keep your privacy and play the best games.