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Imagine soaring through the skies in a helicopter and suddenly being dropped onto an island with your parachute. This is the scenario offered by the Pubg video game , available for Android and iOS devices. The only problem is that when you reach the ground you will have to face another 100 paratroopers, to be the last survivor.

Surely you have already realized that the people who always win the games are those who have a higher level and many more resources than you . This is because with the resources you will be able to buy better weapons of the latest technology and defensive equipment that allows you to be invincible on the battlefield.

Obtaining the resources you need to buy all this equipment can be a slow and tiresome task, if you follow the recommendations that the distributor gives you. But today we want to bring you the definitive trick to get free skins and gold in Pubg , with which you will only have to invest a few seconds of your life.

Gamertricks - The Best Resource Generator for Pubg

If you consider yourself a gamer, surely, more than once you have browsed the internet in search of the perfect generator . When you do this, most of the time, you find platforms that make you see a lot of advertising and never end up giving you the resources you needed from the beginning.

Gamertricks is a generator that emerged to put an end to all this lies. It is a very easy to use and fast platform that will allow you to get skins and gold in Pubg completely free of charge. In addition, it is a very secure generator, since, at no time, it will ask you for your personal data.

Gamertricks: how it works step by step

You won't need a tutorial to learn how Gamertricks works, since the generator itself will indicate the steps you must follow and you will simply have to let yourself be carried away by what it tells you. In the event that, at some point in the process, the generator asks for your personal data, do not continue, because it is most likely that you have the wrong platform.

You should never give your personal data , because this would directly attack your privacy and could come to play against you, since these data could be used against you. To use Gamertricks correctly, you just have to follow these steps in the order that we indicate.

  • Access your internet browser and search for the Gamertricks generator
  • Once inside the platform you must search for the game you are interested in, the resource you would like to get and the amount you need.
  • Indicate your player ID, so that the resources can go directly to your Pubg account
  • Starts the resource generation process.

All resources free with Gamertricks

Gamertricks is a very secure generator, that's why it not only works with Pubg, but also generates new resources for most current video games. Take a look at the platform and get resources for all the games that interest you, without leaving this website and in a very easy and fast way.

Advantages of getting skins and gold with Pubg

The first advantage that you will find when you start using Gamertricks is that the platform will never ask you to provide your personal data through registration. In this way your email, telephone and even your bank card number will always be kept safe.

In addition, you will find other advantages such as that you will no longer have to watch your opponents' backs because they are always ahead of you, but now you will become one of the best players in each game and you will be able to access positions in Pubg much more privileged.