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Imagine getting your adrenaline pumping in front of the screen of your Android or iOS device, thanks to a little character that escapes from the clutches of the subway conductor. As you hear it, when you play Subway Surfers , you will put yourself in the shoes of a criminal who tries not to get caught and thus avoid paying a fine.

To escape from the conductor and his dog , you must avoid all the obstacles that come your way and run along the subway tracks until you find the exit. You can improve the skills and speed of your character by making purchases in his shop, but for this you will need to have keys and coins available.

To get these resources that will help you level up, you must follow the instructions of the distributor and earn keys and coins, in small amounts in each game. But then how do Pro players get promoted so fast? Next, we reveal the best hidden secret of gamers.

Gamertricks: your trusted generator to get free keys and coins in Subway Surfers

It is possible that, on the internet, you have been able to find some generators that promise you free resources, but only want to cheat you. They will make you jump from one advertising page to another, answering eternal surveys and even ask you to register, to keep your personal data.

But, don't worry because we want to present you the solution to all your problems in Subway Surfers and this one is called Gamertricks . It is a safe generator that will not ask you to register in order to obtain its benefits. In this way, your email account, your telephone and even your bank details will remain safe.

For this reason, Gamertricks has become one of the safest and most reliable generators of the moment. Enter their platform and get all the resources you need to start leveling up and be much faster than that reviewer who wants to make you pay for your ticket.

This is how Gamertricks works step by step

When you enter the Gamertricks platform you must follow the steps that we show you below in order.

  1. Enter the Gamertricks platform
  2. Choose the game you need resources for
  3. Select the resource you are interested in and the amount you wish to acquire
  4. Enter your ID number in Subway Surfers, so they can send the resources directly to your account
  5. Press the START button

If at any point in the process, the platform asks you to register or enter your personal data, we recommend that you do not do so. Exit and re-enter, because you will surely have the wrong platform and you are putting your data at risk.

Get all the resources at Gamertricks

Gamertricks is a very efficient platform to get coins and keys in Subway Surfers, but its services don't end there. In the generator search engine you can write any name of the video game that interests you and get resources immediately, to continue playing.

In other words, thanks to Gamertricks you can become a Pro player in practically all the games you want. And all this, getting all the resources, in a few simple seconds.

Advantages of having Gamertricks to get your resources in Subway Surfers

The main advantage of having Gamertricks to get coins and keys in Subway Surfers is that you will never put your personal data at risk , since they will never ask for it. In addition, you will become one of the best players on the platform and you will get the adrenaline rush to the maximum in each of your games.