Speeder Coin Master, is it allowed or not?

Our articles about Coin Master Speeder Coin Master, is it allowed or not? Events like the Viking take place every week on Coin Master, the problem is that they take a long time. To remedy this, many software programs that allow you to speed up time, such as Speeder, exist, but are they authorized? We tell you more.

Coin Master is a game that from a certain level can become relatively time-consuming. To earn coins or participate in certain events such as the Viking, you have to spin the wheel many times, which can sometimes take many hours that you don't necessarily have to devote to your day. In order to have a maximum of turns, it is possible to recover each day Coin Master Daily Links, made available by the game publisher.

As said before, even if you use the spin multiplier to its maximum, at a certain level you have so much of it that during certain events like the Viking, you may spin the spinner during many hours. It is possible thanks to software like Speeder, to earn a lot by completing the events in less than an hour. The concern is that since it's software external to the game, the publisher doesn't like it too much and can decide to reset your game.

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Is it allowed to use software to speed up time on Coin Master?

Several software on Android et IOS as Speeder exist to save time on Coin Master. Some are paying, others free, but in all cases they allow you to save valuable time during events. The problem is that this software is considered to be cheated from Coin Master, so it may be that if you are detected to use one, your part is totally reset.

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