Joker card in Coin master, how to get one?

Our articles on Coin Master Joker card in Coin master, how to get one? Joker card in Coin master, how to get one? In Coin Master, you can get tons of rewards! Discover one of the rarest, the Joker Card!

Dance Coin Master, you need to get coins and spins to be able to play and extend your adventure in the game. Everyday you can get extra spins and coins through to daily in-game links which allow you to get up to 100 extra spins every day and get free spins. 

In addition to spinning the roulette wheel to earn coins and complete the list of villages in Coin Master, it is also possible to collect cards for complete card collections and get many spins. Among the cards in the game, one of them is particularly rare, the Map Joker. Discover its usefulness and how to get it!

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How to get Joker Card in Coin Master?

La joker card is a card that is not part of a card collection but it allows you to transform it into any card of your choice. The Joker card is of a scarcity higher because it helps you complete your card collections. To get it, you have to participate our events Coin Master and open Mystery Chests. If you are lucky, you can get a Joker card and the transformer in the map of your choice, including a gold card !

Attention, the Joker cards have a period of validity. Upon obtaining them, you have a certain amount of time to use them before they disappear. Don't wait to transform it!

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