Dofus Retro: Choose your professions on 1.29

Our articles on Dofus Dofus Retro: Choose your professions on 1.29 Dofus Retro: Choose your professions in 1.29 Professions are available in Dofus Retro, but which ones should you choose?

The professions represent the most classic method to make Kamas on the fact Retro Dofus on a single account. You can learn 3 on each character, you just need a first profession level 30 minimum before you can learn a second. Here are some tips to help you choose your trades.

What professions in Dofus Retro?

Farmer / Baker:  The classic combo among the classics, this duo of professions is a very good way to make some Kamas starting from 0. Bread is the most popular way to regain hp and whether you keep it for yourself or decide to sell it it will always be useful.

Hunter/Butcher: Same principle as the duo of professions above, this one will also allow you to craft consumables but in a slightly different way. Instead of going to collect resources, these accumulate while fighting if you have equipped a hunting weapon. More difficult to climb than peasant/baker, this duo has the advantage of allowing you to gain xp or drop at the same time as you practice it.

Miner/Lumberjack: These two harvest professions are also very good ways to make Kamas starting from 0 but are still very different from the peasant profession. Resources are rarer, scattered all over the map, professions are difficult to build and competition will be very tough at the start of the server when everyone wants to be the first to build them. If you have the nerves well hung, know that the game is still worth the candle since these trades will allow you to earn astronomical sums of Kamas.

The professions of crafting equipment and keys: These trades are very good sources of income but require a lot of resources, harvestable but especially to drop. Prefer them if you have a good base of kamas to invest or a group to effectively farm resources.

The Alchemist and Fisherman/Fishmonger professions are not very useful at the start of the game.

Dofus Retro: Choose your professions on 1.29
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