Dofus Retro: Ecaflip, stuff guide, spells and element at 1.29

Our articles on Dofus Dofus Retro: Ecaflip, stuff guide, spells and element at 1.29 Dofus Retro: Ecaflip, stuff, spells and element guide at 1.29 Do you want to play Ecaflip in Dofus Retro? We recommend the stuffs and spells to build to play Earth!

With the arrival of Dofus Retro, we offer you a guide dedicated to the Ecaflip! Find our advice on spells, characteristics but also the stuff to use.

Dofus Retro: Ecaflip, stuff guide, spells and element at 1.29

Our opinion on the Ecaflip

Ecaflip Elements

Play Ecaflip Earth

We advise you to play your Earth Ecaflip.

The other elements

The other elemental paths are either too weak or too random to be able to compete. You can still play it air, water, or a mixture of the two up to the level and then take advantage of the free rest at Incarnam to go to land.

Characteristics and spells 


Given the Ecaflip tiers, you can invest in strength up to 200 before you start building up vitality.

Spells to mount in order of priority

Level 1 to 11: Heads or Tails

Your main damage spell before a little while. To climb immediately level 5.

Level 11 to 14: Leap of the feline level 3

This spell gives you a very appreciable bonus in mobility, which can be cast 3 times per turn at level 3. The higher levels are not interesting for a while.

Level 14 to 24: Perception 

Boosts your damage and that of your allies in addition to revealing invisible entities. Backlash can also be interesting.

Level 24 to 36: Wheel of fortune

This spell will boost your damage twice in exchange for a little bit of your vitality. A valuable ally to minimize the Heads or Tails line of care to be mounted as soon as it reaches level 36.

Level 36 to 48: Feline Spirit

This monstrous damage spell is a double-edged sword. It has a 50% chance of hitting you at the same time as the enemy, but still remains a significant source of damage to max level as soon as it is obtained.

Level 48 to 60: Make choices

You don't have a primordial spell to level up in this level bracket. Smell can be very powerful if you're lucky, but otherwise you can turn to less random spells like summoning claw or backlash.

Level 60 to 80: Playful Claw and Ceangal Claw

Save your points to raise these two spells to level 5 as soon as they are obtained. These are two very good damage spells that will finally allow you to be less subject to randomness

Level 80 to 90: Retrace your steps

Mount one or more useful spells that you haven't yet mounted, such as backlash, summoning claw, roulette or Ecaflip's luck, or even reflex to boost your critical hits.

Level 90 to 100: Destiny of Ecaflip

Your last, but not least, damage spell deals monstrous critical damage. To climb directly to level 5

Stuffs Ecaflip

Here are some stuff suggestions for your Earth Ecaflip. Do not hesitate to modify certain objects according to your budget and to replace them between the different levels by items bringing strength and damage. 

  • Level 20: Stuff Link
  • Level 50: Stuff Link
  • Level 80: Stuff Link
  • Level 100: Stuff Link

Dofus Retro: Ecaflip, stuff guide, spells and element at 1.29
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