Dofus Retro: XP from level 1 to 100, how to gain experience and how to equip on 1.29?

Our articles on Dofus Dofus Retro: XP from level 1 to 100, how to gain experience and how to equip on 1.29? Dofus Retro: XP from level 1 to 100, how to gain experience and how to equip on 1.29? You want to discover or rediscover version 1.29 of Dofus with the opening of retro servers but you don't have the slightest idea where to start? Here are our tips to accompany you in your first hours of play.

Incarnam in Dofus Retro

The very first area of ​​the game is where you will begin your adventure. This area has several advantages and, if it will be quickly neglected by the rushers, it is still worth paying attention to at the start of the game: 

  • The Gobball Warlord: From level 1, you can go to [4,4] to face a Gobball warlord by talking to the NPC. This monster brings a small amount of xp always good to take in the very first minutes of play, allows you to drop the coveted Gobball cape, and is always available since it is a quest monster. Moreover, the reward of the quest which asks to defeat it is a key to the Incarnam dungeon which will be useful to you afterwards, as well as a little bit of experience. The fight can only be launched once per character, but if you want to xp your first levels and try to drop there, many adventurers should scroll on the map and some are happy to open the fight to other players.
  • Other quests: Several other quests are present in the area. Although a little long, they allow you to recover the very valuable Boune set to start the game. So don't hesitate to do them if you intend to take your time and progress slowly.
  • The Chafers and Incarnam Dungeon: The cemetery is probably the busiest area in Incarnam. The Chafers there are the monsters that have the most xp in the beginners' area, and you can find the dungeon there, which you can try to do for the first time thanks to the key obtained in the Warchief's quest. Don't go rubbing yourself in this area from level 1, but as soon as you manage to manage one or two chafers or if you are in a group, this is the area to be favored in Incarnam. 


Dopples in Dofus Retro

12 in number, available in the different class temples, you will be able to face them all once a day and it is in your best interest to do so from the start of your adventure. 

They evolve in increments of 20 levels. This means that if you are level 19 you will face a level 20 dopple but from level 20 you will face a level 40 dopple which may cause you problems if you are not high enough level. So be sure to face them for the first time relatively early.

Defeating them will grant you a good amount of xp, especially if you defeat all 12 and complete the related quest, and will allow you to accumulate stat scrolls to boost your character, as well as the famous bunch of keys of dungeons allowing you to do each dungeon in the game once a week without needing the key.

Defeat your own class dopple also allows you to it remains once, as explained above, or to obtain your class spell.


And then :

You can consider dropping Incarnam around lvl 15.

  • Up to lvl 30: Prefer areas that will allow you to drop useful equipment for the future, even if it means a little less xp. The Tainéla Gobballs north of Astrub or from the Gobball corner in Amakna allow you to drop the Gobball set if you play fire or earth. The Astrub Fields Dungeon drops a Water Set, the Peasant Set, and the Prespics drop the Prespic Set very useful to boost your wisdom and xp faster.
  • From lvl 30 to 60: You can start going to the plains of Cania to face Kanigrous there for xp, in groups if possible. The area being huge, even with the high affluence of the beginnings of the server you should be able to be quiet. If you want to equip yourself, the scaraleaves of Amakna (scaraleaf plain) drop sets of each level 45 element. The island of Pandala, if it xp less than the kanigrou farm, also allows you to recover quite interesting sets for later. Beware of the Aerdala area, which will be too high for you, especially if you are alone, and simply forget about the Feudala area for now. The drop at the Jelly Peninsula (south of Amakna) is also a must in this range of levels since the strawberry jellies allow you to obtain the gelax panoply and in particular the coveted Gelano.
  • From lvl 60: You can continue the kanigrous or the jellies drop, but above all start looking for groups to do blop dungeons. This must-have from the Dofus Retro era is an excellent source of xp and also allows you to accumulate the resources needed to craft excellent level 80 elementary sets, the Royal Blop sets. When you're not doing dungeons, you can farm the plains of Cania with groups of blops and plains crackers to harvest dungeon keys and gems that sell for a good price.

The blop dungeon can be exploited without difficulty up to level 90. The progression begins to become slower, take advantage of this to vary your activities, choose a profession, manage your kamas rack, complete the quests leading to the island of Otomai and Moon Island. You now have all the keys in hand to start your adventure off right!

Dofus Retro: XP from level 1 to 100, how to gain experience and how to equip on 1.29?
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